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Welcome To Our Catholic Society

Greetings in the Name of The Most Holy Spirit,

We are the Catholic Society of Pope Leo XIII to the United States that was established around 2008 as Dominican Friars under the establishment of Archbishop James Wake and the late Dom F. Mendez Patriarch to the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church in Brazil (ICAB) and the Worldwide Communion of Catholic Apostolic Churches (WCCAC).

It consists of mainly priests who are adverse in the Latin Rite Mass and the teachings of Pope Leo Xiii and the First Vatican Council. 

It is also an international priestly church and province of common life whose purpose is to train, support, and encourage holy priests so that they may effectively spread the Catholic Faith throughout the world.

The Society is not under the Roman Catholic Church at this time, nor under the ICAB mother church in Brazil, but our Apostolic Succession ( laying on of hands ) is strongly Valid and can be traced directly back to the Roman Catholic Church from 1945 under Dom Duarte Costa, and then in 1945 thru 2008 under Dom F. Mendez the Patriarch of the ICAB and WCCAC into the Untied States.

The catholic movement was continued around 1948 in Brazil with Dom. Luis Mendez after his Consecration by Dom. Duarte Costa and later brought the movement in 2008 known as the Worldwide Communion of Catholic Apostolic Church's under Dom L. Mendez as Patriarch, and then in the USA as the Province of the Traditional Catholic Society of Pope Leo XIII and ICAB and officially charted in 2008 adhering to all canonical norms, receiving the blessing and encouragement of the church.

The Society uses the catholic tradition of the Vatican I Latin Rite, the most widespread liturgical rite in the Catholic Church, is one of the Latin rites used in the Western or Latin Church

The Vatican One Latin Rite has been adapted over the centuries and its Eucharistic liturgy can be divided into three stages:

The Pre-Tridentine

Tridentine Mass

Mass of Paul VI

The Spirit of our Catholic Ordinariate is essentially apostolic :

“We have believed in charity,” that is, in the love of Christ.

The provinces clergy members go where people’s needs are greatest. 

Today nearly all our clergy members are ministering in some of the world’s most difficult missions, reaching out to serve those most in need.

They bring comfort to the sick, food to the hungry, and hope for the orphaned. They bring peace to war-torn nations and spiritual healing to people in need.

The Society is composed of parishes, groups, ministries, religious communities, and individuals of the Catholic and Anglican Catholic heritage gathered in Unity and working together with our churches.

We are a group of clergy members who have entered into and became Catholics with pure Roman Vatican One Lineage.

All members of the Society of Pope Leo XIII include :

Those faithful, of every category or state of life, who, originally having belonged to the WCCAC or the Catholic and Anglo Catholic Faith , who are now seeking full communion within the Catholic Churches, or who have received the sacraments of initiation within the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church(es) itself, or who are received into it because they are part of a family member belonging to or within the CACIA and WCCAC.

Our beliefs are based on the Nicene Creed and Ten Commandments and Holy Scripture. We believe it is through the presence of the Holy Spirit that we are guided in the teachings of Jesus in our community of faithful. 

The members of the Dominican Friars for the Ordinariate for the Society of Pope Leo XIII see themselves as part of a “ convergence ” movement, seeking to combine evangelical Christianity with the liturgy and sacraments typical of Catholicism.

We welcome all of God’s children into our faith community. It is our belief that God is all loving and forgiving and a violation of any church doctrine should never separate his faithful from the sacraments. The teachings of Jesus provide us with wonderful examples of forgiveness and compassion. It is by this example we worship together celebrating God’s love for us in the gift of Jesus.

We look forward to having you join our faith community. God Bless each of you and my God guide each of you in your spiritual journey toward salvation.

Our Material For Worshiping

The Society is a friendly established and Catholic Society and Order with some of our members as former Anglican clergy joining fellow Catholics in Incardination, Communion, and worshiping according to and with the following:

Roman Catholic Missal

Book of Divine Worship

Anglican Use Liturgy

The Book of Divine Worship was adopted in 2003 and containing elements of the 1928 and 1979 Book of Common Prayer and the Roman Missal is in use among Catholic Parishes in the United States and worldwide.

All are welcomed to come join us in worship. 

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