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We are a Sui Juris Traditional Catholic Dominican Order and Society of former Anglican Priests in a modern society using pre-Vatican II Rites and Rubrics.    (Latin Rite Vatican One)

In Christian theology, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is a phrase describing the nature of the Christian community and/or Christian Church, in the various meanings it has. It appears in the traditional Nicene Creed and appears partly in the Apostles' Creed ("the holy catholic church", sanctam ecclesiam catholicam)

The Catholic teaching holds that there are Seven Sacraments which Christ instituted and entrusted to the Church for which includes Holy Orders. Sacraments are visible rituals that Catholics see as signs of God's presence and effective channels of God's grace to all those who receive them with the proper disposition.

The Catholic Society of Pope Leo XIII to the USA was established from the Traditional Roman Catholic Society Pope Leo XIII - Vatican One Latin Rite ( Societas Pope Leonis XIII ) Founded by Archbishop James Wake consecrated by Patriarch of Brazil, Most Revd. Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez consecrated by Roman Catholic Vatican One Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa in 1948.

The Traditional Roman Catholic Society of Pope Leo XIII (Latin Rite) & Benedictine Celestine Renewal was founded together in 2005, and the Benedictine Celestine Renewal was founded in 1998 by Mons. Anselmo Pamintuan, P.A. as a Catholic Religious Order.

Most Rev'd Dom. Carlos Duarte Costa



Consecrated 3 May 1948 by H.E Bishop of Maurensi, Most Reverend Dom. Carlos Duarte Costa. Principal consecrator, Co consecrator H.E. Most Reverend Dom. Salameo Ferraz former Bishop of Sao Paulo who returned to the Roman Catholic Church and was accepted as a valid bishop by His Holiness Pope John XXIII, he was appointed as Titular Bishop of Eleutherna. Msgr Ferraz returned to Rome in 1956'. 2nd Co consecrator, the Most Reverend Dom Antidio Jose Vargas Diocesan Bishop of Lages,(Brazil) consecrated by H.E. the Most Reverend Dom. Carlos Duarte Costa on the 8 December 1946, Co consecrated by Most Reverend Dom. Salamao Ferraz.

Dom. Luis Fernando Mendez later Consecrated Most Rev. James Wake as Archbishop and Cardinal and later appointed James Cardinal Wake as Overseer to the World Wide Communion of Catholic Apostolic Churches (WCCAC) to the United States before his death in 2009...



Our Anglicanorum Coetibus

This is an apostolic constitution issued by Pope Benedict XVI in November 2009 that authorized the creation of "Ordinariates," geographic regions similar to dioceses but typically national in scope. Parishes in these ordinariates are to be Catholic yet retain elements of the Anglican heritage and liturgical practices. They are to be led by an "ordinary," who will have a role similar to a bishop, but who may be either a bishop or a priest. Anglicanorum coetibus was a response to repeated and persistent inquiries from Anglican groups worldwide who were seeking to become Catholic.

Pope Benedict made ordinaraites official in the year of 2012 establishing one for the Roman Church in the USA and one for the Roman Church in England.

Ordinariates or Catholic Society's seek to provide a way for these groups to enter in "corporate reunion"; that is, as a group and not simply as individuals. This will allow them to retain their Anglican liturgical heritage and traditions.

The ordinariates or society are new in that they will provide a way for Anglicans to enter the Catholic Church Vatican II in a corporate manner; that is, as a group or community, while also retaining some of their Anglican heritage and traditions. So how does this work? Anglican priests seeking to enter the Catholic Church Vatican II under an ordinariate or society may apply to be ordained as Catholic priests after a period of preparation. 

Community members also will undergo a formation period prior to their reception into the Catholic Church. The liturgy in ordinariate parishes will be very similar to that of an Anglican liturgy. However, the parishes will use the Book of Divine Worship, which is a Vatican II-approved Catholic liturgical book that is based upon historic Anglican liturgies. So really it is Anglican in every sense.

In simple words the true belief of the Catholic Church has been sold as cheaply as possible by the Bishop of Rome which makes the new religion of Vatican II not Catholic in every sense but Anglo-Catholic. It has always been decreed that a catholic must always use a Catholic Rite. A catholic can not use a Anglican Rite. If they do so the Rite and intention is invalid especially when it comes to the sacraments as the intention of Anglicans joining the Anglicanorum Coetibus is defective as they are only joining to obtain Holy Orders although it be schismatic Holy Orders of the new catholic religion but reject these Catholic Rites as the intention is all wrong so is the licity of the Mass, Licity is separate from its validity. You can have a totally illicit Mass that’s still valid but even this is questionable as it is clearly schismatic and even schismatic is valid.

If one wishes to become catholic within the Dominican Friars in the Ordinariate of the Society of Pope Leo XIII. 

One must embrace the whole faith, teachings, and Mass. It is not for Vatican II to change the Mass to suit others. If a Pope or bishop does this then they must not be followed as Quo Primum is binding on all Popes as stated by Pope Pius V, it is binding up his successors, as given him the authority to Peter through Christ.