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Worldwide Communion of Catholic Apostolic Churches

The WCCAC – Comunión de Iglesias Católicas Apostólicas Mundiales (CICAM) is an association of several Catholic Churches.

Our Communion was founded by Patriarch Dom. Luis Mendez to provide a working relationship between churches in the Roman Catholic lines of succession of Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa who was the Roman Catholic Bishop from Brazil who founded many churches all over the world.

Patriarch Mendez is the successor of Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa.

He founded this communion on August 18, 2008 in the United States at a meeting of worldwide bishops.

The Communion is estimated to have a worldwide population of around four million members.

Catholic faith in general :

The WCCAC defines Catholic faith as that as expressed in Bible, along with the professions in the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds and results of in the first seven Ecumenical Councils.

It also believes that all other beliefs and practices that are not contrary to Catholic faith can be accepted by local churches and by the faithful.

Sacraments :

Local Churches are defined as followers organized to observe liturgy and sacraments and are grouped into Ecclesiastical Bodies. All the local churches are recognized as equal.

  • Eucharist – The WCCAC believes in the transubstantiation of the bread and wine during the sacrament.
  • Ordination – There are three levels of clergy in the WCCAC: deacon, priest, bishop. Only men can be ordained.
  • Marriage – The WCCAC sees marriage as a sacred bond between a man and a woman. Similarly to Orthodox Catholic Church, the WCCAC believes the Sacrament of Marriage is administered by the Priest and not the couple. The WCCAC allows for dissolution of marriage by a bishop.

The WCCAC is governed by the International Bishops Council.

For organizational purposes, the Communion has a Board of Directors, an Honorary Advisory Committee, and an Executive Secretariat.

The International Bishops Council meets every two years.

Ecclesiastical Bodies are formed by several local Churches in different nations and are presided over by a Bishop.